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Cheap fildena 100Tried a new Fildena vs viagra, the quality is good, not worse than the previous one, except that the tablets are even smaller in size, the minus is that even half-and-half is not very convenient to share, and so everything is on top, thanks!


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B stores tabla where in one tablet Fildena XXX together the truth is sky-high, they write that cool effect.

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Good day, the last time I ordered Fildena vs viagra, but not the one that you have in the store in the photo, and some other in principle from the former  Fildena super active in quality does not differ, but I would like to know now this new levitra (Fildena 200mg) will always be or Is it temporary?

Who can use Fildena?

The new generic Levitra Lovevitra is the former familiar Vardenafil 20mg. The drug was renamed, the same blister the same tablets in quality, color and size. In the near future, update the photo blister.

Tell me, and you will be on sale Fildena XXX, I have a weight of 122 kg of live weight, I think this levitra for me will be just right?Fildena 200mg

You How to take fildena does not help?

We think to add Fildena 100 reviews to the assortment, for people who really do not have a dosage of 100mg, this dosage is usually necessary for men suffering from diabetes or if your weight decently exceeds 100kg.
Why is there currently no dosage of 40 mg for sale? Because it is very harmful and there are fears that people who do not need this dosage at all, will start experimenting with their health, not causing him minor harm. The maximum daily dosage is 50 mg!!! Only in individual cases can take 100 mg.

Helps 100 mg costs as a tin, but thought that at a dosage of 40 mg the effect will last for several days as from Cialis, but if from the dosage of Levitra 40 mg can be with health such troubles then it is necessary!!!

Fildena XXX

As far as I know, the amount of active ingredient in the levitra does not depend on the duration of the effect, if you need to have a long effect then just drink Fildena 50, it’s about a week or so + there are practically no pobochek

Fildena XXX I do not really, probably affects diabetes (and the levitra works for 100, without failures!