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Hello! I decided to share my story. So that’s it. Once having had sexually transmitted diseases, and sort of cured them began to notice the discharge from the urethra, the allocation of scanty transparent, especially in the mornings, but the analyzes at that time showed that there were no sores, well, I thought that some physiological fluid could be lubricated .. vobschem Did not attach any importance to this. More than 1,5 years have passed, as once in bed with horror I saw that there were problems with potency, that is, I could not perform sexual intercourse so to speak. Time misfire, then again. Then he began to feel pain in the groin in all its parts, and especially in the scrotum of some pulling. And even the lower abdomen. Also there were reddening on the head. Shorter went to the urologist. He sent me to the uzi and there showed that the size of the prostate is enlarged, but the size was determined that the process of inflammation was short-lived (1.5 years .. a short !!!!!!). Then there were analyzes of a smear (with this analysis already was familiar) and it was necessary to hand over the juice of the prostate, which I was offered to give in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and which I did not take into account when I was treated for venereal infections .. and in vain !!How to take Fildena

It was this analysis that showed that all the sores were in the prostate, they caused this disease. Well, of course the diagnosis is the presence of vein infections + chronic prostatitis! Treatment has begun. Firstly, the infection was treated for 2 weeks. Then a prostatitis, at once vobenzim, and ate it or him it seems to me horse doses of 15 tablets in day and suppositories vitaprost in my opinion of 10 pieces. I declined my massage from the prostate (I’ll tell you about this later). And slowly began to notice that the pain began to depart. I also ate vitamins for blood vessels, for the prostate and for testes, I do not know what it is, but I had to eat. I do not remember, but I ate something more for the blood vessels. He stabbed scarlet himself with 10 injections. That I want to notice that after such course (approximately 2 months) pains have left, but problems with a potency remained, naturally has told it to the doctor, on what he has told or said what is it very badly as for a prostate it is very bad when in it that should leave, Began to stir this business ..fildena -100 online

Enerion, Verona, Aevit, impaza, I want to notice that after the Verona you become more irritable and desire increases. But the special effect was not felt as the problem was probably not only below, but also in the head itself. The doctor advised me to go through a course of prostate massage, which I began to doubt … I do not know, just a few pleasant acquaintances on the ranks of the acquaintances, in short he advised me the Chinese drug, which increases the potency and affects the prostate, as the doctor explained such a “seed ejection.” . “)) Well, I took it, which acts on the potency I noticed at night after I Fildena 100 reviews ate just for fun, woke up at night from what I wanted, and since I was alone at home, I just regretted that I was alone)) the same thing happened again in the morning . Well the next day already knowing that I will not one decided to eat as per instructions. The effect did not come immediately, but somewhere in half an hour, I just felt that I really wanted to look at the lady well and made a successful attempt at sexual intercourse))). Somewhere through the mines, 20 again wanted .. yet a stick. With a good mood went to bed. In the morning, the situation with a nightly awakening from the fact that I want sex, was already morning, woke up the lady quickly, did the work and went to work.Fildena XXX

After a day on the robot returned home, I think we should drink tablets for confidence, and my young lady is lying on the counter reading reads her and feel what I want, I want and I’m already ready to watch. Therefore, I did not have to drink these wheels. Very pleased and surprised. He did the job, and went to bed with good spirits. Well, on the next day, all the same, I ate those pills again, but I already had a smaller amount. In short, in this mode, it was about a month, after which I went to take tests. According to the analysis, everything is normal, and the doctor said: “The prosat has decreased in size, it has already become less than normal, very good!”. In short, the pain in the groin is gone, problems with the potency, too.

But the doctor said that every year it is necessary to come to be checked, and if suddenly the symptoms start to manifest themselves, do not immediately go. Vobschem I want to say though, and I have a case not so neglected, but prostatitis treated. And the approach at the doctor should be complex, besides treatment of the prostate itself, proper attention is needed to the vascular system, hormones, etc. And it is very important to determine exactly what caused inflammation. And for prevention, I was told to protect myself, do not catch cold, regular sex, if the job is sitting down once an hour to get up like min 10.